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Growing People Who Grow Your Business


It all started...

When my Dad would come home from work.  As he entered our home, he would say, "Sshoo! What a day.”   This was the signal that a day of hard work was complete.  Around the dinner table, we often heard stories about what had happened at work.  It was in those early years of my life that a narrative and the way work could be done was shaped in my heart and mind.  I felt deeply for my Dad, until he finally started his own business and was able to treat people the right way.  This cultivated a deep yearning within me to engage the mind, elevate the spirit, and stimulate those who intentionally want to progress...

In this space, we will foster competence...inspire action towards...growing, questioning, creating, and engaging in meaningful, authentic, life-long learning.

Our mission is to create cultures that nourish the best human capabilities.  

Our purpose is to discover, invent and share practices and methods by which people can progress and live with greater authenticity, integrity, spirit, and competence.

  • To think more humbly.

  • To eliminate barriers in our thinking that prevent us from progressing in the healthiest patterns.

  • To pursue excellence with all intentionality and put down all passivity and reluctance, negative self-thinking and pursue God given capabilities and potential.

  • Let us progress together! 


People Progress Periodic Table

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